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1. Where is your school situated?
2. What subjects do you study?
3. How many foreign languages do you learn?
4. Do you have to wear a school uniform?
5. Is yours a state or a private school?
6. Do you have a school canteen?
7. How long are your lessons?
8. Are your teachers as old as ours?
9. How long is your school day?
10. Are your teachers strict?
11. What time does your school start and finish?
12. How long are your holidays?
13. Have you got a café in your school?
14. Is Religions Education a compulsory or optional subject?
15. What kind of school is it?
16. Do you think you will go do University after graduating or you'll get a job?
17. How long has Mrs Irem Ebru been your English teacher?
18. How long have you been learning English?
19. How many English classes do you have a week?
20. What is your favourite subject?
21. How many boys and girls are in your class?
22. How many students are in your school altogether?
23. What's the lowest and the highest mark?
24. How often do you get a school report?

1. What is the most popular sprot in your country?
2. How many medals did you win in Beijing in Olympic games?
3. What's your favourite sport?
4. Do you prefer winter or summer sprots?
5. What sports do the girls in your class like most?
6. What sports do the boys in your class like most?
7. Is the gym at your school well-equiped?

1. Have you ever been to Italy?
2. What do you think about Italian people?
3. Do you know any famous Italian people?
4. Woul you like to come and visit us?
5. Do you know our prime minister Silvio Berlusconi? Do you know what he did before he become a plitician?

1. How do you pronounce the name of the capital of your country?
2. What're the other biggest cityes?
5. How many languages are spoken in Turkey?
6. Are there many migrants in your country?
7. What's the main religion in your country?
8. Is Turkey a monarchy or a republic? Is there a Parliament?
9. What's the weather like?
10. How often does it rain and snow?
11. What're the most beautiful sights in Turkey?
12. What're the main activities in your country?
13. What's the most tipical dish in Turkey?
14. Is the global economic crisis affecting your country?
15. What's your currency?

1. What music do you listen to?
2. Do you like seeing films?
3. Do you know any Italians actors or singers?
4. Do you like reading?
5. Do you know any Italian movies?
6. Where do you like spending your holidays?
7. What do you do at the weekend?
8. Are there any nice clubs you go to?
9. Do you like tuning scooters or cars?

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Please read the Turkish students' answers to our questions
(see the video called "presentation" added by solanto on 22 March)

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